They’re asking us for a miracle: Save Pope Mountain

From Avaaz: Near the hilltops of the village of Bethany, 2000 years ago, it is said that Jesus Christ brought Lazarus back to life.
Today those hilltops are home to an indigenous community who are about to be bulldozed into the ground. Their homes, land, and way of life completely wiped out. 
But these brave families refuse to fade silently into the darkness. Instead, they are taking a huge risk, rising up against the bulldozers by nonviolently “sitting-in” their homes. They’re betting on a miracle: that their act of courage will inspire people around the world to help stop the bulldozers before they crush them.

We can be that miracle. Sign the Avaaz Petition


To the families of Pope Mountain and leaders around the world;


“As citizens from around the world, we want you to know that you are not alone. We stand with you and support your nonviolent sit-in to defend your homes, land and way of life. We call on all world leaders to demand that Prime Minister Netanyahu cancel all plans to destroy this community. We specifically call on the European Union and International Criminal Court to urgently make clear to the Israeli government that destroying this community crosses red lines and will have serious repercussions”

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