The Festive season is nearly here!

As we prepare to celebrate this Christmas, Zaytoun are inviting their friends and supporters to remember the farmers in Palestine and consider giving the delicious gift of Palestinian olive oil to their friends, family and colleagues.

It’s a gift that gives twice and carries a message of hope. Every bottle purchased shares the Palestinian story and supports the farming communities who work steadfastly under occupation and apartheid, cut off from their families and farms by the separation wall.

As the farmers like Abu Kamal bring home their harvest of delicious olives and succulent dates this autumn, more than ever they need us here in the UK to buy their olive oil and fairly traded produce.

A case of 6 (500ml) bottles of organic and fairly traded olive oil costs £55.40 including delivery from our online ethical retailer Premcrest.


You can buy single bottles of the olive oil via Traidcraft or in Oxfam shops that stock food products.


For more ideas, have a look at more ethical gifts on Traidcraft. With the UK’s widest range of fair trade products, Traidcraft stocks fair trade clothing, ethical gifts, organic groceries, and more…

Both Premcrest and Traidcraft have a full range of Zaytoun goods and offer an excellent and affordable delivery service.

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