Kairos South Africa

The “Kairos Document” (Challenge to the church: A Theological Comment on the Political Crisis in South Africa|The Kairos Document, 1985) arose out of crisis In South Africa at the height of the apartheid. A group of ecumenical christians set out to understand the theological significance of this moment in history.


Both oppressor and oppressed claim loyalty to the same Church. They are both baptized in the same baptism and participate together in the breaking of the same bread, the same body and blood of Christ. There we sit in the same Church while outside Christian policemen and soldiers are beating up and killing Christian children or torturing Christian prisoners to death while yet other Christians stand by and weakly plead for peace.


The document contains a careful analysis of the situation and provides a “Challenge to Action”.  It was addressed to the Churches.


The apartheid in South Africa came to an end with multi-racial democratic elections in 1994. Kairos Southern Africa was launched on 9 March 2011 to carry forward the legacy of Kairos theology in Southern Africa and to be in solidarity with others throughout the world.

(Quote from the Kairos Document)

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