Kairos Palestine release 2017 Christmas alert

This year the Kairos Palestine Christmas Alert sheds light on what Bethlehem has been experiencing since the Balfour Declaration, of partition and of military occupation, to encourage churches around the world to act! 

A message from Patriarch Michel Sabbah: 

This Christmas alert for the year 2017 proposes four themes to your prayer, reflection and action: The land, the people, the Christians, and the continuous human rights violations.

Try to have a Christmas of faith, of sincere obedience to God, a Christmas of love, of peace and justice making in Bethlehem and all the Holy land. You can make a difference. Jesus has told you that you can: “Be courageous, I have conquered the world” (Jn 16: 33), and “In all truth I tell you, whoever believes in me will perform the same works as I do myself, and will perform even greater works” (Jn 14: 12). 

Please read and download the Kairos Palestine Christmas Alert 2017 here and share widely with your contacts.


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