Kairos Authors contribute to a Palestinian Theology of resistance at Council for World Mission Conference

Kairos Authors at the conference “Mission in the Context of Empire: A Call for Global Theological Resistance for Palestine” gave a powerful and compelling argument for all Christians and all Churches to act concretely in support of the Palestinian struggle against the Israeli occupation of Palestine.


Rev. Mitri Raheb gave a conclusive summary of what means Empire today, especially in the context of the Empire in Palestine and summing up what that means for a theology of resistance. Fr. Jamal Khader pointed out special theological aspects, which they developed during the evolution of the Kairos Document. Dr. Munther Isaac, vice dean of Bethlehem Bible College, addressed the issue of Land in the context of Empire and presented his approach of a Biblical Theology of Land in Palestine. Rifat Kassis talked about theological reflections on the special case of Palestinian children, caught in in the Israeli occupation of Palestine. The Global Kairos movement was represented by Prof. Ulrich Duchow, a theologian from University of Heidelberg, Germany and member of Kairos Europe and Kairos Germany, reflecting theology related to the political economy of Palestine.


For more information on the conference and speakers, please visit the Kairos Palestine website

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