Hebron under collective punishment

Palestinians officials calls on the international community and human rights groups to intervene and pressure Israel to lift its siege on the Hebron district, end home invasions and halt abductions.


Last Sunday 4 Palestinians were injured and 3 taken into Israeli custody in a raid in Sa’ir, just north of Hebron. As one of several recent raids, Israel is being accused of bringing collective punishment on Palestinians in Hebron as a reprisal for recent attacks by Palestinians on Israeli civilians and soldiers.

Spokesperson Yousef al-Mahmoud representing the Palestinian Authority condemned the attacks and called them ‘direct violations of international law and the Fourth Geneva Convention’

“The Israeli justifications of its violations are just excuses made by Israel to continue its military aggression against the Palestinian people, living under occupation and oppression,” al-Mahmoud said, “But this occupation is the root of constant tension, and instability, in the entire region.”

For the full story by the International Middle East Media Centre, please click here 

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