Citizens Apology for Balfour Declaration in Scotland: Nov 2nd

2 Nov, 11am – 12.30pm, outside the Scottish Parliament.
Hundreds of citizens will be making a ‘citizens’ apology’ for the Balfour Declaration, exactly 100 years since it was signed by Britain’s Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour. 

The Citizens Apology questions the justice of the Balfour declaration which has caused decades of suffering for the Palestinian people who are being denied the right to live in peace and justice in their own land.
The Citizens Apology was an initiative from the Scottish Parliament’s Cross-Party Group on Palestine. There will be speeches by MSPs from SNP, Labour and the Greens as well as from the Palestinian community in Scotland. Citizens will bring colourful placards expressing their apology for the Balfour Declaration and its impact on the Palestinian people. The choir ‘Protest in Harmony’ will lead the citizens in song.
Please contact either Allan or Eurig for more details.

Allan Gordon  0131 443 0522
Eurig Scandrett 07539305176
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