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Jerusalem in the wake of President Trump’s speech

Kairos Palestine Statement: 12/12/17. “Trump’s speech is a decisive step that will not secure Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, but will reinforce our very existence on our land, and will prompt us to be more insistent in our demand for a just and final peace.”  (more…)

United Nations Position on Jerusalem Unchanged Special Coordinator Stresses, as Security Council Debates United States Recognition of City

UN Press Release: 8/12/17 

Permanent Representative Defends Decision, as Delegations Endorse Two-State Solution, Determination of Final Status Issues (more…)

Special Newsletter: Update and Action on Jerusalem

Please read our latest newsletter, a special edition on Jerusalem with actions you can take to stand against Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.  (more…)

BDS National committee responds to Jerusalem decision

The Trump administration’s anti-Palestinian and illegal act reverses decades of official U.S. policy regarding Jerusalem and contradicts the international consensus. Trump’s policies on Palestine underscore that it is long past time for the world to apply concrete pressure on Israel to respect Palestinian rights through support for our struggle for rights and dignity.  (more…)

Donald Trump is ‘declaring war’ by naming Jerusalem Israel’s capital

Palestinian Ambassador to the UK Manuel Hassassian writes in the Independent (6 Dec) how Trump’s move signals death to the two state solution and declares war on Muslims and Christians across the Middle East.  (more…)

The truth is simple, but unwelcome

Church Times, 1st Dec. Jewish writer Robert Cohen tells Huw Spanner that solidarity with Palestinians will be costly for Christians.  (more…)

Kairos Palestine release 2017 Christmas alert

This year the Kairos Palestine Christmas Alert sheds light on what Bethlehem has been experiencing since the Balfour Declaration, of partition and of military occupation, to encourage churches around the world to act!  (more…)

WCC Executive Committee releases statement on Jerusalem and Status Quo

22 November. During its meeting in Amman, Jordan from 17-23 November, the World Council of Churches Executive Committee issued a statement expressing concern over the ways in which church institutions and properties in Jerusalem are threatened as a result of contracts of disputed legality, the efforts of radical settler groups, and policies of the government of Israel.  (more…)

Palestinians speak out on anniversary of Resolution 242

Mariam Barghouti, Diana Buttu and Haider Eid and other prominent Palestinian voices speak out about the pitfalls of Resolution 242 and what it has meant for Palestine half a century since its adoption.  (more…)

Why Israel does not want a sovereign Palestinian state

Ben White writes in Middle East Eye: “It is time to accept the reality that Israel simply does not want a sovereign Palestinian state – and consider its serious implications”  (more…)

BBC journalist deletes tweet about UK’s ‘corrupt’ relationship with Israel

From Middle East Monitor, 10 Nov. A prominent BBC journalist has deleted a tweet in which a senior Conservative MP can be seen complaining about the British media turning a blind eye to the corrupt relationship that has allowed Israel to “buy access” in Westminster.  (more…)

Today: Remembering Israel’s ‘Operation Pillar of Defence’

From Middle East Monitor: On 14 November 2012, Israel launched “Operation Pillar of Defence” against the Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip. Over the following eight days, almost 175 Palestinians were killed and more than 1,000 were injured. Five years later, Gaza is still subject to Israeli aggression, in violation of the terms of the ceasefire agreement. (more…)

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