Bethlehem checkpoint © Amos Trust

Israel takes steps to stop tourists accessing Bethlehem

From Middle East Monitor: Israel has tightened restrictions on the movement of tourists to the occupied West Bank with particular limitations on their access to occupied Bethlehem.

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Addameer calls for month of action for Palestinian Prisoners

Addameer Prisoner Support & Human Rights Association calls on campaigners, activists, and people of conscience to take actions for Palestinian Prisoners’ Day on April 17 and the whole month of April to stand in solidarity with all Palestinian political prisoners.

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Kairos Palestine Easter message 2017

Christ is risen, he is risen indeed. Our Easter message is a message of victory over death, a message of joy and hope, against all hopelessness.

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The Question of Antisemitism

The formal adoption of the IHRA’s definition of antisemitism by the UK Government has caused waves of controversy and debate amongst campaigners for justice in Palestine and Israel. To help you understand the issues and concerns, here is some reading on the topic, including the definition itself.

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Take Action now! The latest petitions and campaigns

Our site is dedicated to helping you take action for a just peace. Here are some of the recent petitions and campaigns that you can be part of.

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Interactive media – videos, photos and more

Interested in the issues but no time to read? Check out our interactive media page!

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