UN slams Israel for ‘de-development’ of Palestine

New report reviews effects of Israel’s 50-year occupation of the Palestinian territories and settlement growth. 

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When the law fails women

Ayah Al-Wakeel reports on the challenges facing women in Arab society 

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The level of antisemitism in Britain has been exposed. But it’s not what you might think

On 12 September, a new survey on antisemitism in Britain came out. The findings are good news for some people – and bad for others.

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#LightsOnGaza social media campaign

Oxfam international have launched the social media campaign #LightsOnGaza in response to the desperate electricity crisis people in Gaza are facing.

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HSBC: Stop Arming Israel!

HSBC is a major shareholder in companies selling weapons and military technology to Israel and also provides those companies with the loans they need to operate. Here’s the latest campaign action you can take

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The Question of Antisemitism

The formal adoption of the IHRA’s definition of antisemitism by the UK Government has caused waves of controversy and debate amongst campaigners for justice in Palestine and Israel. To help you understand the issues and concerns, here is some reading on the topic, including the definition itself.

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