Sabeel Christmas Message

Dear Friends, Christmas is a time of joy. Amid the sorrows and hardships of daily life, we need the Christmas spirit, the good news and gladness of Christmas. The birth of Jesus Christ gives us joy and hope, “to you is born … a Saviour, who is the Messiah, the Lord.” Christmas never fails to…

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Pax Christi International call for a new Israeli-Palestinian peace process

Pax Christi International believes that this is the moment for a renewed commitment to end the violence and to reach a just and sustainable solution guaranteeing the fundamental rights of both Israelis and Palestinians in accordance with international law. 

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Displaced once, twice and now three times. The plight of Palestinian refugees in Syria

Background More than 60 years after the establishment of Israel, there is no Arab-Israeli issue that remains as utterly divisive as the fate of Palestinian refugees.

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The Festive season is nearly here!

As we prepare to celebrate this Christmas, Zaytoun are inviting their friends and supporters to remember the farmers in Palestine and consider giving the delicious gift of Palestinian olive oil to their friends, family and colleagues.

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A cry of hope in the absence of all hope.

Kairos Newsletter

Read our November News from Kairos! 

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What do we do?

Kairos Britain is a network of individuals, organisations and faith communities formed in response to the Kairos Palestine document, ‘A moment of truth’.

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What can you do?

This website is intended to help you to get involved. If all this is new to you, then you can find an introductory guide and history of the situation – just click here.

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